Kasaragod - Kannur Rd

670562, Kalliasseri

Kasaragod - kannur rd

Kasaragod - Kannur Rd is located in Kalliasseri / Kanul / Kuttikol area of Kannur Kerala. Kalliasseri / Kanul / Kuttikol locality is in Kannur district of Kerala. postoffice of Kasaragod - Kannur Rd is Kalliasseri, Kalliasseri comes under pincode 670562. We have more than 4 listings of Kasaragod - Kannur Rd area on this website. Some of the most popular places in Madhyam Marg are

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FAQ about Kasaragod - kannur rd area

Where is Kasaragod - kannur rd located?

Kasaragod - kannur rd located in Kalliasseri, Kannur.

What is the Pin Code of Kasaragod - kannur rd, Kalliasseri, Kannur?

Pincode of Kasaragod - kannur rd, Kalliasseri, Kannur is 670562.

How many postoffices are there with same pincode 670562?

There are 3 post offices with same pincode 670562.