670562, Kalliasseri


Kattampally is located in Kalliasseri / Kanul / Kuttikol area of Kannur Kerala. Kalliasseri / Kanul / Kuttikol locality is in Kannur district of Kerala. postoffice of Kattampally is Kalliasseri, Kalliasseri comes under pincode 670562. We have more than 11 listings of Kattampally area on this website. Some of the most popular places in Madhyam Marg are

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FAQ about Kattampally area

Where is Kattampally located?

Kattampally located in Kalliasseri, Kannur.

What is the Pin Code of Kattampally, Kalliasseri, Kannur?

Pincode of Kattampally, Kalliasseri, Kannur is 670562.

How many postoffices are there with same pincode 670562?

There are 3 post offices with same pincode 670562.