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About Linen Club Chendayad, Kannur

Linen Club is located in Chendayad, Kannur. Currently we do not have any reviews or rating for Linen Club. There are at least 18 Dress stores in Chendayad, out of which this Dress store has an overall rank of 7. Address of the Dress store is Panoor, Kerala 670692.

Linen Club - Chendayad - Kannur - Kerala - Complete Information

Name Linen Club
Address Panoor, Kerala 670692
Contact 918592645312
Area Chendayad, Elangot, Mokeri, Panoor, Puthur-panoor
City Kannur
Overall rank in 670692 🏅 No. 7 out of at least 18 Dress stores in Kannur
Popularity Ranking No. 4
Rating Based on 1 reviews

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Dress stores Near Linen Club

There are 17 Dress stores within 1 km radius of Linen Club. When you increase the radius to 5 Km or 10 Km, you will find 18 and 18 Dress stores respectively. You would also like to view:

Count of Dress stores Near Linen Club

Distance Dress stores
Dress stores within 1 Km 17
Dress stores within 2 Km 17
Dress stores within 5 Km 18
Dress stores within 10 Km 18

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Popularity of Linen Club

People of Chendayad, Elangot, Mokeri, Panoor, Puthur-panoor have several options when it comes to a good Dress stores. In this area, there are 18 Dress stores .
Linen Club is a very popular Dress stores in Chendayad, Kannur. Popularity wise, Linen Club ranks No. 7, behind only a few other ones like:
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Overall Rank of Linen Club

Overall rank in 670692 7 out of 18 Amongst top 38.89% Dress stores in 670692
Overall rank in Kannur 40 out of 101 Amongst top 39.6% Dress stores in Kannur
Overall rank in Kerala 201 out of 1040 Amongst top 19.33% Dress stores in Kerala
Overall rank in India 603 out of 4749 Amongst top 12.7% Dress stores in India
Overall Rating Average

Reviews and Ratings of Linen Club

Over the web, a total of 1 reviewers gave 5 stars (out of 5) to Linen Club.

Distance of Linen Club from Major Landmarks

Approximate aerial distance of Linen Club, measured in straight line from some of the major landmarks of Kannur are:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Linen Club

Where is Linen Club Located?

Linen Club is located in Chendayad, Elangot, Mokeri, Panoor, Puthur-panoor area of Kannur, Kerala India. Complete address of Linen Club:Panoor, Kerala 670692.

What is the website of Linen Club?

We are not aware of the website of Linen Club. If you know, please click Edit listing to add the website of Linen Club

What are the contact details of Linen Club

Contact detail of Linen Club : 918592645312

How many Dress stores are listed with IndiaInfo.net in Chendayad area of Kannur?

As many as 101 Dress stores from Kannur are listed with us. You can view all of them here - Dress stores in Kannur

What is the rating of Linen Club?

Linen Club has a very good rating of 5 stars. This rating is based on 1 reviews.


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