India before independence

Indiainfo The British began rule in India 1858 through 1947. Before British Expansionism in India, India was doing extremely well and also prospering. Britain involved India in 1858 for their rewarding resources that the British Realm wanted to make theirs. Leaving in 1947 just to leave prior to a civil battle broke out as well as leaving India in awful form taking and also utilizing whatever resources they wanted in their rule in India.

Prior to the British regulationed in India the East India profession company came to rule while India was really weak, The business made India among the richest nations on the planet. They Brought profession as well as impact into the nation essentially having the worldwide textile profession. Eventually being able to own their very own military and being able to tax anyone in their limitations as well as region. With the Industrial Revolution it just improved their riches's and also assisted with their trade initiatives.
Britain saw That India had individuals as well as inexpensive labor and industries that could generate goods quickly for people to get. One more was raw materials like hemp as well as cotton with their rich farming as well as their opium profession. Seeing every one of this they desired it as well as intended to benefit.

Britain began their regulation when they began getting increasingly more powerful and also beginning this by trading with India. An uprising with individuals of India with the East India profession company the company expanded week and afterwards Britain saw the chance to gain even more wide range.

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